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Course: American Studies:

Co-ordinator: Bill Keogh.

American Studies

1. Introduction to slavery in America

2. The American War of Independence and the part of the African Americans in it.

3. Declaration of Independence and slavery?

4. The Constitution – slavery avoided.

5. North and South – split over slavery.

6. The Supreme Court and slavery

7. Lincoln and slavery.

8. Lynching, the Klan and poverty in South.

9. Mass Migration from the South

10. The urban blacks –segregation

11. The Harlem Renaissance

12. Black Americans in North and Midwest

13. Supreme Court’s role in Civil Rights

14. Blacks organize for freedom

15. Kennedy and Civil Rights.

16. The Radical Black Movement.

17. Bobby Kennedy – Martin Luther King-deaths

18. White Backlash. Decline of Detroit, Chicago.

19. Police and being black.

20. Barack Obama.

21. Present situation of Black America.

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