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Course: Classical Studies - Academic Year, 2013-14

Co-Ordinator: Brendan McMahon

Classical Studies

Term 1.

How Greek Myth was preserved in epic:

How the Hellenistic culture developed in Alexandria:

How Alexandrian Liiterature produced Jason, the anti-hero:

The Argonautica written 200 Years after Euripides’ great tragedy Medea- the sorceress of Greek poetry.

Term 2.

Ancient Rome 750-88 B.C. History and Roman Literature the Golden Age 83 B.C to 17A.D

Reading Material:

Module 1 - There are a number of very useful publications on this subject, perhaps The Golden Age of Myth and & Legent by Thomas Bullfinch and Classicial Mythology by A R Hope Moncrieff are most ideal, particularly if you are new to the subject.

Module 2 - Homer’s the Illad and the Odyssey (any edition).

Module 3 - Aeschylus: The Orestia Trilogy.

Module 4 - Herodotus: The Histories (any edition) or Selections From Herodutus, published by Forgotten Books, 2010

Modules 5,6,7 - Any general history of Ancient Greece.

Module 8 - Thucydides - The Peloponnesian Wars (any edition) or On Justice , Power and Human Nature, Selections From Thucydides ,(Hacket Publishing Co. 1993)

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