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Course: Philosopy

Co-ordinator: Ross Campbell.

Discovering Philosophy

Term 1

What is Philosophy – Ancient and Modern

Philosophical Analysis

Knowledge, belief and truth

Theories of Ethics

Logic – common sense – reasoning

Metaphysics – theories of existence

Aesthetics, beauty in Art and Nature

Philosophies of religion, science etc.

Practical applications of Philosophy

What’s it all about?

Meaning, nature and purpose in life.

 Term 2.  Mindfulness and Philosophy.

What is Mindfulness? Buddhist origins and modern perspectives

Philosophy and Mindfulness – as therapeutic activities.

Application of mindfulness in education, psychology and psychotherapy

Mindfulness practice – formal, informal

Comparing Eastern and Western philosophical traditions.

Religion and Spirituality, East-West.

Perspectives on knowledge, morals, and science.

Mindfulness, Philosophy and the meaning of life.

Mindfulness Practice Value and Purpose.

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