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Course: Psychology

Presented by Sr. Basil Gaffney.



Choice Theory Psychology is new explanations of human behaviour which will help us choose the life we want to live and enable us to get along with the important people in our lives.

It is internally motivated,


It gives us the freedom to cultivate, sustain and maintain relationships that lead to healthy, productive lives.

This theory of Choice was introduced by Dr. William Glasser, an American doctor, psychiatrist and psychologist, in the 1950’s.

It explains that, for all practical purposes, we choose everything we do, including the misery we feel.

All we can get from other people is information.

Information goes into our brain where we process it and then decide what to do.

We choose our behaviour based on the information received.

All of our behaviour is our best attempt to satisfy one or more of five basic needs built into genetic structure.

Choice Theory explains how and why people make choices.

People can discover how to:

Improve their relationships

Resolve conflicts

Be more satisfied in their work environment

Enjoy better health


Needs: Quality Worlds:

Total Behaviour:

Compatibility; Personality:

Strength of Needs: Conflict:

Creativity: Relationships

Health issues: Education:

Lead Management – work place

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